Sacreflux is a Melbourne based jewellery label creating unisex pieces to be worn the wearers way. No rules. No confines. No cliques. Sacreflux believes in the one offs. There will be no copies or exact replicas only “brother or sister’ pieces all hand carved and made to order 

When did you first start making jewellery?

It depends what making jewellery means in this context. I definitely made macaroni jewellery when growing up and my Nana was an antique jewellery collector who would buy, fix and sell stunning jewellery. Then when i was 21 I did a short course at Workshop 6 in Auckland but is wasn't until a few years ago that a friends asked me during a moment of reflection over a beer after a long hot day at the cafe we worked at What I really wanted to do. It was about 6 moths later that I did another short course at Melbourne Polytechnic. A year and a half later i launched Sacreflux, That was on the 21 of July 2016. 

What inspires Sacreflux?

The living, breathing and aching world that is constantly moving, changing and throwing ideas into my head. I sometimes think people are to scared to admit that ideas come from everywhere and everything around us regardless of weather or not we are conscious of it. I do most of my thinking in bed with the lights out, the day floods back over me and i dream of jewellery to make.I love rough and raw textures, there is beauty in the marks of the marker and i make that very much seen in my work. I often sit at my bench and let my subconscious take over and draw from everything my eyes have ever made sense of enough to see. My friends inspire me greatly and well Love. I love love. 

If you see a piece you like but it is the wrong size we are happy to try to recreate it for you but it will never be exactly the same keeping with our philosophy of individuality and imperfection. please read through the commission page and contact us!

Please note :All jewellery is handmade to order in our Melbourne studio. You can expect your piece(s) within 1-2 weeks after ordering. Please contact us if you require by a certain date.