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Sacre impressions is the passion project of Georgia Sacre. She wanted to create something you could make with your loved ones in your home. 


With her Nana being a jeweller and Georgia having her own jewellery label this side project based around family, love, growth and beautiful amulets was the next step. 

Custom fingerprint wax impression kits 

With Georgia having nannied for many years this project is from the heart. She knows how fleeting the young years are.


The birthstone wax impression kits are a great way to capture memories and have then sealed in metal to be worn as a keepsake for generations. This also extends to friendship, partnerships and family members. 

Georgia hopes to work with all kinds of people to create fingerprint impression jewellery that will hold love and sentiment for the wearer.


It could be a Child's fingerprint worn as a pendent or promise rings created by lovers for one and other, imprinted with fingerprints and set with loving intention. Whatever it is we are here to help. 

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